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DIGLETT’S MINE – The Pokemon Resource Pack 1.9

If you enjoy playing Pokemon and/or like playing Pixelmon then I think you will really enjoy this resource pack. The resolution of the textures is 16x so everyone can have fun checking out Diglett's Mine Pokemon Resource Pack! Cute face, bright and fun textures, you should definitely check this one out. Author Description: There are some [...]

Modern Craft Resource Pack 1.9

This resource pack will turn your world into a modern style piece of art. If you're a fan of the modern style then check out this texture pack and go on an epic adventure! Author Description: Modern Craft HD is a resource pack designed by Assasin794.  It's 32x32 updated for 1.8.7 and has 90% of the [...]

LIIE’s Resource Pack 1.9

This resource pack turns your Minecraft world into a fun and pleasing to look at world. Even though this is designed to look cartoony, it still has a bit of realism to it to give an overall awesome look and feel. Something to note, the author made the diamonds Red in this Resource Pack because he [...]