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Triton Version 3 Minecraft Resource Pack | 1.8.7

Triton Version 3 is an awesome cartoon theme resource pack that will make your worlds and Let's play a lot more interesting and fun. This pack of epic textures comes in 4 different resolution so that no matter how powerful your computer or PC is, you will be able to enjoy this sweet resource pack. [...]

Luna Falls Minecraft Resource Pack | 1.8.7

Luna Falls is a new addition to the Minecraft resource pack family. This pack is still being developed, it's a W.I.P. However, a good bit of this pack is finished, mostly the blocks. Since this pack is punching 512x high definition textures it won't be for everyone, you will need a pretty strong computer. Author Description: [...]

DIGLETT’S MINE Pokemon Resource Pack | 1.8

Here's another new Minecraft resource pack out there for all you Pokemon lovers! If you're worried about whether or not your computer can handle this delicious resource pack then don't worry, it has 16x textures but still looks very nice. Author Description: Latest Additions: - Mightyena ~ wolf - All plank textures - Opened book [...]