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DIGLETT’S MINE – The Pokemon Resource Pack 1.9

If you enjoy playing Pokemon and/or like playing Pixelmon then I think you will really enjoy this resource pack. The resolution of the textures is 16x so everyone can have fun checking out Diglett's Mine Pokemon Resource Pack! Cute face, bright and fun textures, you should definitely check this one out. Author Description: There are some [...]

Before Dusk Minecraft Resource Pack

This resource pack has a very nice looking Medieval theme. If you are looking for something that's a little more rustic and real feeling then I think  you will enjoy this texture pack. With the textures being 32x, it's suitable for almost every PC. Author Description: Before Dusk is a 32x32 medieval, rustic styled resourcepack with a [...]

Sensei & Son Minecraft Resource Pack

If you are looking for an awesome resource pack to give your Minecraft world a more Medieval / Asian theme, then look no further! This texture pack is extremely well put together with custom animations and at 128x it is sure to make  your world look beautiful. Author Description: The Sensei & Son HD128 Minecraft [...]

CubCon Minecraft Resource Pack 1.8.8

CubCon Resource Pack is the official texture pack for the ℂ⊍Ъℂ⏀ℕ  Minecraft server. If you're looking for realist texture pack that makes your world seem more dark then I think you will definitely enjoy this pack. Author Description: To edit and create new textures for the pack we use Photoshop. The pack resolution is 64p (64x64 [...]

Dragon’s Edge Minecraft Resource Pack 1.8

This resource pack will give your world a nice Medieval look and feel. The textures are only 32x but I think that they still look very nice. Even the title and in-game menu's look nice with a Dragon and fire theme! Author Description: Dragon's Edge is different from my other resource packs. With this texture pack, [...]

Modern Craft Resource Pack 1.9

This resource pack will turn your world into a modern style piece of art. If you're a fan of the modern style then check out this texture pack and go on an epic adventure! Author Description: Modern Craft HD is a resource pack designed by Assasin794.  It's 32x32 updated for 1.8.7 and has 90% of the [...]

LIIE’s Resource Pack 1.9

This resource pack turns your Minecraft world into a fun and pleasing to look at world. Even though this is designed to look cartoony, it still has a bit of realism to it to give an overall awesome look and feel. Something to note, the author made the diamonds Red in this Resource Pack because he [...]

Minecraft Enhanced Resource Pack 1.7.10

Enhanced Minecraft gives you that vanilla feel but with enhanced textures and fonts to make it look a little sweeter. So if you're wanting the feel of vanilla but just a bit better look, then check out this resource pack. Author Description: Ever wanted an HD texture pack that isn't too realistic or isn't RPG themed, [...]

Triton Version 3 Minecraft Resource Pack | 1.8.7

Triton Version 3 is an awesome cartoon theme resource pack that will make your worlds and Let's play a lot more interesting and fun. This pack of epic textures comes in 4 different resolution so that no matter how powerful your computer or PC is, you will be able to enjoy this sweet resource pack. [...]

Luna Falls Minecraft Resource Pack | 1.8.7

Luna Falls is a new addition to the Minecraft resource pack family. This pack is still being developed, it's a W.I.P. However, a good bit of this pack is finished, mostly the blocks. Since this pack is punching 512x high definition textures it won't be for everyone, you will need a pretty strong computer. Author Description: [...]