Minecraft Wallpaper Steve Kill Skeleton

Cool wallpaper of Steve fighting a skeleton mob and knocking him off the side of a cliff. Rate This Wallpaper: [...]

Minecraft Wallpaper Epic Creeper Face

Here's an epic Minecraft wallpaper of a Creeper face. I really like this wallpaper as it is well done. I think you will love this [...]

Minecraft Obsidan Block Wallpaper

Here's a nice and basic Minecraft Wallpaper that turns your desktop into a big Obsidian block wall. Rate This Wallpaper: [...]

Minecraft Real Scene Wallpaper

This Minecraft wallpaper has a beautiful mountain scene that lets your mind go on holiday and forgot about all the worries of the world. Truely [...]

3D Minecraft Diamond Block Wallpaper

This is an awesome 3D Minecraft Wallpaper of Diamond Ore block. This is sure to make your desktop look awesome! Rate This Wallpaper: [...]

Minecraft Super Meat Boy Creeper Wallpaper

If you're a fan of Super Meat Boy then you will love this Minecraft Wallpaper that depicts Meat Boy as a creeper! Such an awesome [...]

Minecraft Wallpaper Black and White Steve Chase

This is a fun Minecraft wallpaper that shows a mob of creatures chasing Steve. The design is simple but elegant and will make your desktop [...]

Minecraft Diamond Ore Basic Wallpaper

A basic style Minecraft wallpaper that makes your desktop look like a cave wall with a nice little cluster of; Diamond ore, Redstone ore and [...]

Minecraft Wallpaper Pretty Scene

If you like landscape style minecraft wallpapers then I think you will enjoy this one. It's simple yet elegant with some nice coloring. Rate [...]

3D Minecraft Block Blue Wallpaper

I got another cool minecraft wallpaper to share with you all today. This fun 3D block is sure to liven up your desktop and make [...]