minecraft-icon-150x150It began with the texturing of the great packs. Three were given to the cartoons, detailess, smoothest and most beautiful of all packs. Seven to the photo realistic, great detailed and awesome. And nine, nine packs were gifted to the simplistic, who above all else, desire downloads. For within these packs was bound the strength and the will to govern Planet Minecraft. But they were all of them decieved, for another pack was made. Deep in the United States, on the pixels of a monitor TheAwesomeKielbasa forged, in secret, a master pack and into this pack he poured his skill and awesomeness and will to get the most downloads.

One resource pack to rule them all.

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Middle Earth: A LOTR and The Hobbit Resource Pack 1.8.3
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MCDiaPickAxe How to Install Resource Packs:

  • Download the resource pack
  • Press start and type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder
  • Navigate to your resourcepacks folder
  • Drag and drop the texture .zip file into the resourcepacks folder

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Here are some screenshots so you can see how this resource pack looks.

MCBlockBullet  Here you can download the resource pack:

Blue-Diamond [1.8] Download Middle Earth: The Hobbit Resource Pack

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