minecraft-icon-150x150This resource pack will give your world a nice Medieval look and feel. The textures are only 32x but I think that they still look very nice. Even the title and in-game menu’s look nice with a Dragon and fire theme!

Author Description:

Dragon’s Edge is different from my other resource packs. With this texture pack, I’m moving away from the sci-fi theme and more toward the medieval theme everyone seems to love.

This resource pack uses a style I haven’t used before. Unlike Sovereign, this has low contrast, soft brushing, and is easy on the eyes. I tried going with a more experienced take on this resource pack, and so far, I am enjoying how it is going.

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Dragon’s Edge Minecraft Resource Pack 1.8
4.91 11 votes

MCDiaPickAxe How to Install Resource Packs:

  • Download the resource pack
  • Press start and type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder
  • Navigate to your resourcepacks folder
  • Drag and drop the texture .zip file into the resourcepacks folder

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Here are some screenshots so you can see how this resource pack looks.

MCBlockBullet  Here you can download the resource pack:

Blue-Diamond  [32x] [1.8] [1.7] Download Dragon’s Edge Resource Pack

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