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DIGLETT’S MINE – The Pokemon Resource Pack 1.9

If you enjoy playing Pokemon and/or like playing Pixelmon then I think you will really enjoy this resource pack. The resolution of the textures is 16x so everyone can have fun checking out Diglett's Mine Pokemon Resource Pack! Cute face, bright and fun textures, you should definitely check this one out. Author Description: There are some [...]

Glimmar’s Steampunk Resource Pack

With this Minecraft resource pack you can turn your plain world into an incredible steam punk world. This pack is truly amazing, from great armor to custom animated pictures, it has it all. The textures in this pack are 64x so it won't be to hard on your computer and most should be able to enjoy [...]

Soulscribe’s RezCraft Tron Minecraft Resource Pack

If you are looking for a really awesome Tron themed resource pack, then look no further. The weapons, the armor, heck...even the grass looks amazing in this pack.  The textures x64 which makes your world look incredibly nice. Author Description: A long, long time ago Soulscribe released the definitive Tron texture pack. It has been [...]

Dragon’s Edge Minecraft Resource Pack 1.8

This resource pack will give your world a nice Medieval look and feel. The textures are only 32x but I think that they still look very nice. Even the title and in-game menu's look nice with a Dragon and fire theme! Author Description: Dragon's Edge is different from my other resource packs. With this texture pack, [...]

Luna Falls Minecraft Resource Pack | 1.8.7

Luna Falls is a new addition to the Minecraft resource pack family. This pack is still being developed, it's a W.I.P. However, a good bit of this pack is finished, mostly the blocks. Since this pack is punching 512x high definition textures it won't be for everyone, you will need a pretty strong computer. Author Description: [...]

Minecraft Last Days Resource Pack | 1.8

The Last Days texture pack will transform your Minecraft world into your very own Walking Dead. This is an awesome post apocalyptic resource pack that I think you are going to love. The textures themselves are 32x, so not the biggest they could be but they still look great. Author Description: LAST DAYS was a [...]

DIGLETT’S MINE Pokemon Resource Pack | 1.8

Here's another new Minecraft resource pack out there for all you Pokemon lovers! If you're worried about whether or not your computer can handle this delicious resource pack then don't worry, it has 16x textures but still looks very nice. Author Description: Latest Additions: - Mightyena ~ wolf - All plank textures - Opened book [...]

Pumpkin Patch Resource Pack | 1.8

If you're looking for a resource pack to use for a Halloween build then consider checking out this awesome resource pack, Pumpkin Patch. This guy must really love his pumpkins! Author Description: The Pumpkin Patch Resource Pack started out as relatively small resource pack for the Pumpkin Patch Server (discontinued) Originally, it was literally only a [...]

Angry Birds Resource Pack 1.8.3

The ORIGINAL unofficial official Angry Birds Texture pack. No mods needed to install! Made pixel by pixel over about 40 hours in Paint.NET. Rate This Resource Pack:  How to Install Resource Packs:Download the resource pack Press start and type in %appdata% Find and open your .minecraft folder Navigate to your resourcepacks folder [...]

Gerudoku Resource Pack 1.8.3

Gerudoku has been worked on by a few very talented people and with this pack Dangeresque486 put his own touch of love to keep the Gerudoku dream alive! Rate This Resource Pack:  How to Install Resource Packs:Download the resource pack Press start and type in %appdata% Find and open your .minecraft folder [...]