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Switch Craft Minecraft Resource Pack 1.7.10

Here's a nice little resource pack called Switch Craft that won't put a huge strain on your PC. Even though the resolution of the textures is only 16x it makes your world look quite nice. Author Description: Hope you like it. Leave a comment or send me a message with suggestions or just tell me what [...]

BLOCKU HD Resource Pack 1.7.10

Blocku HD is an awesome resource pack that adds simplistic but very colorful and sharp textures to your world. This texture pack is at 32x resolution and will improve your gameplay and enhance your roleplay. I think you will enjoy this pack! Author Description: Blocku HD is a smooth, crisp and modern hd resource pack. [...]

Nuper Gummi Resource Pack 1.8.3

Nuper Gummi Resource Pack has some pretty out of this world textures and colors. if you like bright vibrant colors this is a resource pack worth checking out! Rate This Resource Pack:  How to Install Resource Packs:Download the resource pack Press start and type in %appdata% Find and open your .minecraft folder [...]

Equanimity Resource Pack 1.8.3

If you like the simplistic Minecraft look with added 3D textures then you will enjoy this Minecraft resource pack. This is an impressive resource pack with over 1 million downloads. Author Description: All textures are made 12+ per hour per day. That means the textures took on average less than 5 minutes each to create. This [...]

Techno’s Timeless Resource Pack 1.8.1

All blocks are textured except the ender chest and the plants (trees are the only textured plants at the moment). If you want, you may request that I texture something. If you would like something retextured, then ask in the comments. IMPORTANT: The leaves will not have any see-through parts if the graphics are set [...]