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Before Dusk Minecraft Resource Pack

This resource pack has a very nice looking Medieval theme. If you are looking for something that's a little more rustic and real feeling then I think  you will enjoy this texture pack. With the textures being 32x, it's suitable for almost every PC. Author Description: Before Dusk is a 32x32 medieval, rustic styled resourcepack with a [...]

Sensei & Son Minecraft Resource Pack

If you are looking for an awesome resource pack to give your Minecraft world a more Medieval / Asian theme, then look no further! This texture pack is extremely well put together with custom animations and at 128x it is sure to make  your world look beautiful. Author Description: The Sensei & Son HD128 Minecraft [...]

Dragon’s Edge Minecraft Resource Pack 1.8

This resource pack will give your world a nice Medieval look and feel. The textures are only 32x but I think that they still look very nice. Even the title and in-game menu's look nice with a Dragon and fire theme! Author Description: Dragon's Edge is different from my other resource packs. With this texture pack, [...]

Gerudoku Resource Pack 1.8.3

Gerudoku has been worked on by a few very talented people and with this pack Dangeresque486 put his own touch of love to keep the Gerudoku dream alive! Rate This Resource Pack:  How to Install Resource Packs:Download the resource pack Press start and type in %appdata% Find and open your .minecraft folder [...]

Middle Earth: A LOTR and The Hobbit Resource Pack 1.8.3

It began with the texturing of the great packs. Three were given to the cartoons, detailess, smoothest and most beautiful of all packs. Seven to the photo realistic, great detailed and awesome. And nine, nine packs were gifted to the simplistic, who above all else, desire downloads. For within these packs was bound the strength [...]

Moray Summer Resource Pack 1.8.3

Vibrant colours, exotic plants, and friendlylooking creepers. Rate This Resource Pack:  How to Install Resource Packs:Download the resource pack Press start and type in %appdata% Find and open your .minecraft folder Navigate to your resourcepacks folder Drag and drop the texture .zip file into the resourcepacks folder [...]

Conquest Resource Pack 1.8.4

Conquest is a medieval style resource pack that will bring your roleplay to a whole new level with the added 3D pack. So if you're looking for a pack that will look good on your castles and other medieval type buildings then be sure to check out this little jewel.   Rate This Resource Pack: [...]

Pebbles 3D Resource Pack 1.8.3

Pebbles 3D is a beautiful and well put together resource pack by popular creator Scamper3396. He is known for his futuristic packs but wanted to make something rustic and old-time feeling. I think he hit the nail on the head with this pack and I am sure you will enjoy it. Author Description: Scamper3396 eight [...]

John Smith Legacy Resource Pack 1.8.4

John Smith Legacy is a continuation of the middle age inspired resource pack created by JohnSmith. This perfect those looking to have an adventure or roleplay in a medieval type setting. In the download section you will also find a download link for the 3D addon. Author Description: After about a year or so the [...]